Arnica Gel is homeopathic anti-inflammatory relieve irritations from trauma, arthritis

Published: 17th March 2006
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Arnica Gel
New research into the efficacy of Arnica Gel for osteoarthritis of the fingers has demonstrated excellent results and has been submitted for publication. Arthritis affects over 8 million people with the fingers being the third most common area affected, after knee and hip.

This is the first study of multiple osteosrthritis of the fingers to be performed according to the latest international guidelines. It compared the effectiveness of Boiron Arnica Gel with one of the leading synthetics, ibuprofen gel.

A number of secondary targets were set and again, Arnica Gel achieved the same value as ibuprofen gel. The number of painful joints decreased equally in both groups, mornign joint stiffness diminished equally in both groups, and the duration of morning joint stiffness decreased from about 10 minutes to 5 minutes in both groups.

Arnica Gel has also been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of ostearthritis of the knee, with 76 per cent of patients willing to use the treatment again. The mulitcentre trial was published in Advances in Therapy.

Boiron Arnica Gel is made from freshly harvested, organically cultivated Arnica flower tincture. Arnica is known for its homeopatheic use for bumps and bruises but its herbal use as an anti-inflammatory was nto widely known. Now research is proving that arnica is a very effective anti-infalmmaroty when applied topically. It helps with painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, stiff or sore joints.
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