How To Eat Flax Seeds (Flax seed oil Recipe):

Published: 20th March 2006
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Flax Seed Oil FACTS

The flax plant, an ancient crop, yields the fiber from which linen is woven, as well as seeds and oil. Flax Seed Oil also comes in an edible form, sold mostly at health-food stores. Like olive, canola, and most other plant oils, it is highly unsaturated and heart-healthy. And flaxseeds have yet another very interesting componentólingamsówhich may have anti-cancer properties.

The heart-healthy side of flax

Besides lingams, Flax Seed Oil is also the best food sources of an essential fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid. "Essential" means we must consume it, because our bodies cannot manufacture it. Essential fatty acids are important for cell membranes, blood pressure regulation, and other functions. Alpha-lanoline acid is an omega-3, similar to some of the fatty acids in fish oil. Like aspirin, omega-3s may reduce blood clotting, thus lessening the chance of a fatal heart attack. Flaxseeds and their oil may also lower total blood cholesterol, as well as LDL ("bad") cholesterol. But that should come as no big surprise, since any highly unsaturated oil will do that, particularly if substituted for saturated fats. The fiber in flaxseeds may also help against cholesterol, since it is soluble (similar to that in oats).

Several population studies have linked a high intake of alpha-linolenic acid with a reduced risk of heart disease and/or death from heart disease. And a French study, as we reported in 1999, found that a diet relatively rich in alpha-linolenic acid greatly reduced the risk of second heart attacks. (The alpha-linolenic acid in that study did not come from flaxseeds, but from canola-oil margarine.) Besides flaxseeds and canola oil, alpha-linolenic acid is also found in soybean oil and walnuts.

How To Eat Flax Seeds (Flax seed oil Recipe):

o Add ground flaxseeds into a fruit smoothie.

o Sprinkle ground flaxseeds on cereal and salads.

o Stir ground flaxseeds into yogurt.

o Sprinkle ground flaxseeds on top of frozen yogurt or other desserts. Flax has a pleasant, 'nutty' flavor.

o Try making flax bread (see recipe below).

o Add ground flaxseeds to a cup of fresh or frozen fruit; enjoy this as a snack.

o Sprinkle ground flaxseeds into soups and stews (stir in flaxseeds after cooking is done).

o Try using flaxseeds when you make baked goods. Check out the Flax Bread recipe to get started.For More Info

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